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Sawubona Guesthouse Beachview, South Africa

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About us

Who we are and the meaning of Sawubona

Hey guys and welcome on board of Sawubona Guesthouse.


We are Tim and Katharina and warmly welcome you to our wonderful guesthouse.

We come from near Stuttgart in Germany and have fulfilled an absolute dream, perhaps even a longing, within the context of our guesthouse. 

For me, Katharina, South Africa has always been my second home, as my grandparents lived on the exact same street of our house for a very long time, my mom was born in South Africa, and I also lived in the country for a year.


Having a second home there, loving this country and it’s people so much, we felt passionate about this idea and made it become true!🤍


In consequence of appreciating this opportunity, we chose the name “Sawubona Guesthouse”. On several flights to South Africa with its airline one got to know the term “Sawubona” which is Zulu, one of the national languages of SA meaning 

“We see You, We welcome You & and We appreciate You“. 

So Sawubona to You if you are a guest of us or we may welcome you in future.

We wish you a wonderful stay with us, with many sightings of dolphins and whales to wake up to!🐬🐠🐋🐡🦀🦐🦈🦭

For questions, suggestions, ideas or anything else, please contact us at any time without hesitation or turn to your contact person or our team on-site.


We cannot wait to meet and see You! 



Tim & Katharina🤍

Contact us


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Contact Katharina (Owner)

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